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The World of Dots

My Art will give you a blissful feeling of coming home, joy and peace. 

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The Wold of Dots

My name is Aagje van den Heuvel and in 2003 I came in contact with Dot Art for the first time when I was in Australia. At that moment I worked as a dental hygienist in Arnhem Land (Arnhem Land is in the Northern part of Australia and is owned by the Aboridginals) with the Aboriginals. After work I often stopped at the art centre to watch the Aboriginals create their art. The dot technique that they use ensures that the art pieces are made with a lot of love and attention. This abstract art form is not limited by existing frameworks, but are created by emotions and energy in its purest form. The paint drops are put on the canvas one by one in a meditative rhythm. Dot Art is therefore not just an art form, but an art form that can bring peace and balance. From that moment on, I fell in love with dot art. Between 2014 and 2017 I worked several times as a dental hygienist in India. India has touched my soul with all its beautiful colours and creative mandalas. Not only their clothing and food are colourful, but also their creative sand mandalas that are created during rituals and festivals. These experiences make it that the art that I create go about pure feelings and desire what touches me on that moment. Recently I am combining the dot technique  with geometric lines and shapes. These lines, shapes and movements can also be found in nature. As a result, watching these art creations calls a blissful feeling of coming home, joy and peace to many people.